Hey there, my name is Noelle "Red" Szombathy! I am a sort of "jack of all trades" currently operating out of Sacramento, CA. Pre-COVID, you could find me exploring foreign cities and chatting with the locals. Now, I'm most likely exploring the redwood forest with my family or hacking away on my laptop at home. 
Plain and simple, I love to make things. When I dedicated some time to programming in December 2019, I knew I'd found my calling. I had the design skills to make my projects look good, and after a bit of self-teaching, I harnessed the power to actually bring those projects to life! I get excited thinking about complex problems and how I might solve them, and I love to draw on other aspects of my life to look for solutions.
One of my side-hustles is a design collective here in Sacramento. Feel free to take a peek at my design work on this site, or my programming projects here. If you'd like to work together or perhaps are just looking to throw around some ideas, you can reach me through my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!